Rotomolding house——Galaxy Villa


Can you image this big house is made by ROTOMOLDING?

The whole outer shell is made by rotomolding,we put LED light inside,so it can show different colors at night.That's where the name comes from.

The height of Galaxy Villa is 3.5m and its diameter is 7m. Internal area reaches 36m2. Panoramic sunroof and French window are designed for the product. Bedroom, intelligent kitchen, independent toilet and bathroom, leisure room etc. are designed indoors to meet people’s demands in life as far as possible. Galaxy Villa is made in modularization and standardization, so it can be assessed and moved rapidly.

In performance design, Galaxy Villa has large transparent glass wall and panoramic sunroof to give you wide view. You can lie on bed to look up at the sky and look around the nature. Integrating you with the nature sufficiently, your can seek the true yourself in harmonious exchange.

By programming, Galaxy Villa can rotato following the sun and moon. In this way, you can choose the scenery and position you want to appreciate.